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Blind Treasure

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Product information

More than just the sum of its parts! A sophisticated communications exercise with a difference! Very good in areas such as communication, presentation, team, leadership, project management and everything connected with language.

How is this activitiy performed?

The basis is formed by a set of shapes that consists of 30 different shapes. The participants sit in a circle blindfolded. 28 shapes from the sets are then distributed by the trainer to the participants. The participants' task is to find out the colour and the shape of the two missing shapes.
What does this activity target?

  • Develop strategies, set priorities
  • Recipient-sender theme
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Controlling the flow of information
  • Experiencing and allocating different roles
  • Ambiguity of messages
  • Actively listening
  • Creating conversational discipline
  • Presentation
  • and much more

6 - 28 persons

You need as much blindfolds as persons. We ask you to order them separately if required.

Order blindfolds here

Time requirement:

30 - 50 minutes (without evaluation)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 robust set of shapes (made from 30 attractive plastic components)
  • 1 detailed description of the exercise
  • 1 storage bag

Package size:

25/20/5 cm (L/W/H)


380 g (incl. bag)

Buy or rent

The seminar activity is available for you both for buying and renting. Please choose your buying options first and then your desired quantity before adding the product to your shopping basket.

Buy: starts at € 239.00
Rent: starts at € 69.90
In each case plus 20% VAT and delivery charges
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