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Product information

What looks like a huge chessboard at first sight reveals itself on second glance as a complex challenge without equal.

With this you will find the right way to achieve team development, leadership, communication, project management and organisational development.

How is this activitiy performed?

In the maze there are right and wrong fields. The players have to identify the right fields and use these to get from one side of the maze to the other. Complex framework conditions such as costs for entering wrong fields, costs per minute of time lapsed, etc. turn the maze into a particular challenge. Here the success of the team is measured by the amount of the budget remaining at the end of the exercise – or not. Those who are really good at this are well-coordinated, keep a sharp focus, keep the end goal in sight, optimise the skills and resources of the team and make the best possible use of the framework conditions.
What does this activity target?

  • Planning, strategy & coordination
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Feedback
  • Observing framework conditions and recognising opportunities
  • Awareness (e.g. body language, needs of others)
  • Sender-receiver topic
  • Development of a learning system
  • and much more
Space requirement:

approx. 4 x 4 metres


3 - 18 persons

Time requirement:

30 - 45 minutes (without evaluation)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 5-millimetre strong net with 300-millimetre mesh and a net border consisting of a polyester webbing strap
  • 1 clipboard
  • 1 non-permanent marker pen
  • 1 signal whistle
  • 1 detailed exercise description
  • 1 storage bag

Package size:

35/25/10 cm (L/W/H)


0,92 kg (incl. bag)

Buy or rent

The seminar activity is available for you both for buying and renting. Please choose your buying options first and then your desired quantity before adding the product to your shopping basket.

Buy: starts at € 229.00
Rent: starts at € 69.90
In each case plus 20% VAT and delivery charges
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