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Leadership Vessel

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Product information

With Leadership Vessel, participants can take on another/external role. A good opportunity to get to know other perspectives and points of view. An exercise that you will remember for a long time...

This vessel is best filled in the areas of management, project management and team development.

How is this activitiy performed?

This exercise is all about salvaging a valuable object from a marked off area. A management team and a work team are responsible for this project.

The work team are blindfolded and are therefore fully dependent on the management team. The management team must however adhere to certain framework conditions, which make it a real challenge to solve this task.
What does this activity target?

  • Management communication, experiencing and reflecting on your own management style
  • Being able to accept other perspectives/points of view, take on other roles
  • Planning, strategy & coordination
  • Dealing with shortages
  • Targeted forwarding of information
  • Adhering to quality standards
  • Recognising and using resources
  • Team work
  • and much more
Space requirement:

approx. 5 x 5 metres


5 - 15 persons

Time requirement:

30 - 45 minutes (without evaluation)

Scope of delivery:

  • 12 coloured ropes, 3m in length, incl. karabiners (so that you can vary the number of ropes)
  • 1 rope, 15m in length, for marking off the object area
  • 1 filling material consisting of 225 wooden balls incl. storage bags as well as 1 wooden cap for the elevation of plastic containers
  • 2 rubber rings (red rubber ring = empty vessel, green rubber ring = for the vessel filled with wooden balls)
  • 1 coloured plastic container
  • 1 detailed exercise description
  • 1 storage bag 

Package size:

25/20/20 cm (L/W/H)


1 kg (incl. bag)

Buy or rent

The seminar activity is available for you both for buying and renting. Please choose your buying options first and then your desired quantity before adding the product to your shopping basket.

Buy: starts at € 169.00
Rent: starts at € 69.90
In each case plus 20% VAT and delivery charges
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