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The target seems to be far away and the way to it hard to reach qualitatively. With planning and strategy the actors attain an intermediate goal. But suddenly the requirements change and the actors are faced with new and sophisticated challenges.

With these steps you can make excellent progress in the areas of team development, management, communication, project management and organisational development.

How is this activity performed?

The participants are on an imaginary river and must get from one bank to the other. In order to be able to cross the water, the participants are provided with small felt squares. In the middle of the river there is an island. As soon as the participants have reached this, however, firstly half of the participants go blind and secondly, the participants only have half of the squares left available to them. How do the participants deal with this challenge? How do they deal with the blind participants? This challenge can only be optimally mastered if it is well thought out, planned, communicated and managed.
What does this activity target?

  • Management role and management communication, reflecting on own management style
  • Taking on other roles (e.g. that of the employee)
  • Feedback
  • Team development, cooperation, dealing with each other
  • Cross-departmental thinking
  • Communication
  • Planning, strategy & coordination
  • Perception (E.g. body language, needs of others)
  • Adhering to framework conditions and recognising possibilities
  • Achieving targets together
  • Emergence of a learning system
  • Dealing with stress and complex tasks
  • and much more
Space requirement:

approx. 10 x 3 metres


6 - 16 persons

Time requirement:

10 - 25 minutes (without evaluation)

Scope of delivery:

  • 8 red and 8 blue felt squares
  • 1 rope, 15m in length
  • 1 rope, 10m in length
  • 3 ropes, 8m in length
  • 1 detailed description of the exercise
  • 1 storage bag

Package size:

40/45/15 cm (L/W/H)


2.6 kg (incl. bag)

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Buy: starts at € 179.00
Rent: starts at € 69.90
In each case plus 20% VAT and delivery charges
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